Highest vision. Highest impact. Highest vibration. Highest good.

If you are a woman in Iowa who runs a Spirit-based business, please join us!

WISE Circle is THE group for women spiritual + holistic entrepreneurs in Iowa, where, together we work to up-level our communities’ health and happiness, with alignment, integrity, leadership, service, and soul.

We gather in person for connection, learning, business development, sacred practice, service, partnerships, masterminding, friendship, and fun. Our gatherings are where the magic happens!

A warm and cozy Facebook community supplements our in-person get-togethers, offering us a way to connect until we see each other again.

Because we merge spirituality and business building, we are unlike any other professional or spiritual networking group in Iowa.

WISE is a spiritual community that connects and embraces.

We would love to welcome you in!

Join us here.

Who are Spiritual Entrepreneurs?

  • Energy workers
  • Psychics, intuits, mediums
  • Holistic practitioners
  • Massage therapists
  • Crystal healers
  • Yoga instructors
  • Shamanic practitioners
  • Astrologers
  • Numerologists
  • Card readers
  • Spiritual coaches and counselors
  • Aromatherapists and herbalists
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Metaphysical supply retailers
  • Meditation leaders
  • Sound healers
  • Anyone who works with Spirit in their career

WISE women have businesses all around Iowa!

Des Moines


West Des Moines


Shell Rock




Mason City

Windsor Heights



Iowa City


Cedar Rapids



Clear Lake





There is a Sacred Spot Just for You in the WISE Community!

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This Group is for You If You:

  • are a woman spiritual entrepreneur in Iowa.
  • want to grow your Self, your impact, and your business in an aligned-to-your-soul way.
  • believe your work in the world is valuable and worthy of earning money for you.
  • create and pursue inspired goals.
  • are willing to see others as teachers, no matter their age, background, profession, experience, personality, or beliefs.
  • are willing to get uncomfortable in ways you might not expect.
  • are willing to allow others to see you messy, vulnerable, and not all-knowing.
  • truly believe in uplifting, honoring, supporting, and serving other women and their divine purposes.
  • are driven and guided by Love.

This Group is NOT for You If You:

  • are not a woman spiritual entrepreneur in Iowa.
  • are not willing to accept money in exchange for your work. (This group is for entrepreneurs/business owners.)
  • don’t plan to take any action or make any changes in your business.
  • are only looking for a place to hand out your business cards, pitch your programs, or sell your products or services. (This group is for connecting, growing, and collaborating. Not selling.)
  • reject other points of view.
  • are pessimistic, complaint-prone, or thrive on drama.
Hi! I'm Amber Diehm Heuer and I facilitate this amazing group of Luminaries.

Hi! I'm Amber Diehm Heuer and I facilitate this amazing group of Luminaries.

I started this group for 2 main reasons:

  • I desired to share my gifts and skills with other spiritual and holistic entrepreneurs so we can all up-level the credibility, effectiveness, and impact of our work.
  • I deeply craved feeling part of an open and inclusive spiritual community and finding kindred spirits.

I feel grateful for this group and all of the beautiful partnerships, offerings, and friendships that have developed because of it. I look forward to getting to know you!